1. This Is Why We Can't Be In Love


    The day we first met, she was naked. The empty gallery had turned the A/C off and she said, “it’s hot, too hot for clothes,” and she stripped down to skin. She was pink and raw from sunburn, shiny plasma peeking out of translucent cracks in her epidermis.

    "How many times have you…

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  2. "Trimming the Fat" via Grammar & Style: Re-Word to Cut Down on Pronouns

  3. Fair Use in Novels


    I often get questions from Anons asking me what is appropriate to use in a novel, from song quotes to character names of wildly popular characters from other books (names that are obviously more unique than just Sarah or Alice or Amelia). So I’m going to lay the groundwork…

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  4. I’ve made most of the posts on this blog private when I decided to send my work out for publication.

    I did this because most of the publications I targeted—literary journals—want something called “first publication rights” or, they want to be the first to have published the piece. For most literary journals, after the first publication, publication rights revert to the author, meaning that the…

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  5. So You Want To Write A Book..

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  6. Do not Be Afraid

    Do not Be Afraid

  7. Rewrite Rewrite Rewrite

    Rewrite Rewrite Rewrite

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  8. A Categorized List of Common Interview Questions


    You’ve heard it over and over again (even on this blog!) — Always prepare for your interview by asking yourself possible questions. But where do you start?
    Check out the list below, and feel free to Like or Reblog to keep it on hand for your next interview. :)

    Next week, check back to see which…

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  9. I curled into myself under the covers. A white, hot heat licked the insides of my chest and stomach, heat splinters softened my spine. I pressed my knees to my chest and tried to push the heat back down inside me.

    I sunk into sleep and tried not to dream. But in my sleep, an image filled my head. In it, everything fell off me, fell away, like rose petals, like water, sheets, clothes, hair, skin, dreams, teeth, cold and cracked, gone. Behind my eyes, a face swam through me, and I couldn’t tell if it was Kevin’s or Jasmine’s. The face filled me up, until it spilled out and over and pushed out tears in my sleep.

    The rest of the story <—— live link. A story about how the protagonists deals with the loss of his family.

  10. Stoics

    Let the dogs run the wet meadow.
    Don’t grumble unmapable sadness
    at scouring pads of grey cloud abrading
    the night sky. Quit fretting about the end
    of everything while it’s unfolding. Whining
    turns the brain to molasses. Regret clogs
    arteries. Born empty-handed, we gawk
    at circling hawks, stuff ourselves
    with bread and sex. Maybe we scream
    or sing. Philosophers say we’re made
    of fire and smolder all our lives.
    Then ash provides the most elegant
    last transport imaginable. No need
    for granite slabs or satin-lined coffins.
    You’ll waft over your old haunts
    as key scenes play out below. Something
    in you strains to remember, could almost
    narrate incinerated bits of prior lives.
    The dogs blazing across the drenched
    meadow were once you and you them,
    avid, chasing rabbits, as the garrulous
    world drawled on and on and on.

    Amy Gerstler


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